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Thank you for your interest in our Bengals. If you have researched and are ready to make a purchase:

Give me a call: 830-708-3651!


It is important to visit via a phone call. We will do texting and emails later.

IMPORTANT: I will not discuss pricing until we visit via phone.


For information on acquiring a kitten as well as to view our contract CLICK HERE.

Funny Bunny
Big Guy

Funny Bunny &

Big Guy






Funny Bunny will have bengal kittens available in 2021.  She has beautiful rosettes bengals…

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Lady Blue and Snow Bear Kittens ready soon



Lady Blue
Lady Blue
Snow Bear

Snow bengals “Seal Point Lynx Snows with Blue eyes”  will be ready in November, two males, more pictures to come. November 2020page divider

Raven and Big Guy bengal kittens coming in 2021.





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Litters will be available

january 2021

Big Guy & Misty Meryl

BIg Guy
Big Guy