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Current Kittens

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Thank you for your interest in our Bengals. If you have researched and are ready to make a purchase:

Give me a call: 830-708-3651!


It is important to visit via a phone call. We will do texting and emails later.

IMPORTANT: I will not discuss pricing until we visit via phone.


For information on acquiring a kitten as well as to view our contract CLICK HERE.


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Spike & Bell



These litter of kittens are ready!

Moana Cinderella Jasmine

Moana, Cinderella, & Jasmine

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Raven and Run Bear Bengal kittens are ready MEOW.

Run Bear

 Raven and Run Bear’s litter…..They are available MEOW……


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Litters are available NOW!

Frosty & Misty Meryl

 snow BearMisty Meryl