Jungleyes Bengals


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Misty Meryl

Misty Meryl is our newest addition, a marble girl…very sweet and gentle.  This bengal should have nicely contrasting rosetted kittens and possibly marbles as well.








Lady Blue

Lady Blue is a Seal Spotted Lynx (Tabby) Point, is such a lady, beautiful bright blue eyes. Very elegant and quite as Bengals can be. A wonderful mother to her kittens. We are very pleased she is part of our Bengal Family.

She is paired with “Snow Bear” our seal point  lynx spotted snow Bengal or with “Big Guy” our phenomenal brown black rosetted Bengal boy.


Raven  Is our newest addition to our breeding program,  Nice rosettes and beautiful head conformation, quite a talkie girl. Kittens will be available in 2021.

mama bengal catRaven bengal queen

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is a beautiful sorrel/red color rosetted bengal, very quite and sweet.  Litters will be in Fall 2021.


Belle, Queen Bengal CatBell     Is our newest addition… expecting                                                                 litters in late fall or winter.