Jungleyes Bengals


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Funny  Bunny

Funny Bunny Queen


Funny Bunny  , Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby, is our newest addition….she has good color nice rosettes.

She is very quite and a very attentive Mom…she takes very good care of her babies.  New pictures will be coming soon.  She is paired with Big Guy and they have outstanding rosetted kittens with the red golden hue or gray/black with striking color.

Tank Girl

Tannk Girl, Brown (Black) Spotted baby, is just that, a tinTank Girl Bengaly package but very solid….beautiful black ring rosettes and wonderful color. Bright yellow eyes.  A sweetie pie, loves to play and a walking talkie. She even talks while she is eating. Oh, she loves to eat too. She is just a doll baby. Very attentive mom with her kittens and of course she talks to them.Tank Girl

Lady Blue

Lady Blue is a Seal Spotted Lynx (Tabby) Point, is such a lady, beautiful bright blue eyes..Very elegant and quite as Bengals can be. A wonderful mother to her kittens. We are very pleased she is part of our Bengal Family.

She is paired with “Snow Bear” our seal point  lynx spotted snow Bengal or with “Big Guy” our phenomenal brown black rosetted Bengal boy.

RoseMary QueenRoseMary Queen


RoseMary Is a tiny girl, Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby. She has great contrast and beautiful golden eyes. Naturally a wonderful mother caring for her kittens. She is very playful and loves to play fetch for the mouser and bring it right back and is ready to go again. She has marbles in her line and have at least one in a litter that is quite remarkable.