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Acquiring a Kitten

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We breed to standard for both beauty and temperament. We give every Bengal kitten personal attention and socialization.

Be prepared to receive in your home and with your family your new addition. Make your home kitty friendly. Invest in more than one litter box, litter scooper, food and water bowls (a water fountain would be great) and a kitty condo especially for them. Have a safe place in your home for your new arrival.

Just in case you have to be away from the house for a while, have other pets your new Bengal kitten must familiarize with or you have a lot of visitors coming and going, it is always good to know where your Bengal kitten is and what their behavior will be as they are learning and adjusting to you and your family. You want your new Bengal kitten to be part of your life and family but understand how he reacts to doors opening and closing….lots of noise….new smells and others pets.

Always have your Bengal kitten in the carrier when traveling in the car. Safety first for you and your Bengal.

When your Bengal is first arriving in your home make sure they know where the litter boxes are located. We give you the litter they are using so do not make changes. Have a simple litter box, nothing fancy. Later, in a month or more you can slowly change if you must.

Many plants are poisonous to felines and kittens will get into many things. Watch out for electrical and computer lines and cords, these might need to be secured during their kitten stage. Be careful with kitty toys, small beads for eyes that can become unfastened, feathers on teasers that can come apart, or even tinsel on a Christmas tree can easily become a hazard for your new pet. Supervise playtimes with inter-active toys and put them away when not in use. A box with holes cut out or rolled up paper can be some of the best and safest toys.

All Bengal kittens are checked by our Veterinary Doctor. They are given the necessary vaccines and worming required. They are usually ready to go to their new homes from twelve weeks to sixteen weeks. All of the Bengals are micro-chipped and given names for identification. You as the new owner can choose your own name and let us know for their records. You will be required to finish any vaccines at the scheduled times and to spay or neuter when purchasing a pet at the appropriate time, according to your own Veterinary.

Our Bengal kittens are on a diet of Pro PLAN  for kittens and a kitten wet food. We use pine pellets for litter. All of them have been using the litter box for quite some time. We give you a kitten kit package for you to get started with your Bengal kitten, this also includes the pine pellets for litter. Toys they have been playing with, blankets  and a carrier for your trip home.

Deposit Amount

(down payment to go towards total quoted amount). All deposits are non-refundable. 

For a full price quote please call 830-708-3651.

$200  is the deposit on reserving your Bengal / Zelle   Cash App   Cash

We need to speak to each potential buyer of a Bengal through a phone interview for us to ask and answer questions and to evaluate if a Bengal is right for you and your family. Each Bengal is priced accordingly. We require 24 to 48 hours notice for appointments, usually Saturday or Sunday works best between the hours of 10 a..m. and 4 p.m. Kitten needs to be paid in full before or at pick-up. On the day that the kitten is ready the kitten need to be paid in full amount due. The breeder can keep the kitten for up to 2 weeks if necessary at no charge. Anytime after those 2 weeks additional hold charges would incur.

We reserve the right to Not sell to anyone at any time if we believe it to be in the best interest of the Bengal Kitten. If a deposit has already been received by us, It will be returned or can be applied to another Bengal kitten when available.  

Bengal mother and kittens
Bengal kitten female
Bengal mother and new born kittens