Jungleyes Bengals


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Bear, Stud male bengal cat

Bear  is an intense  boy….he loves to be petted, has bright gold eyes, of course very nice black ring rosettes and reddish hue as well.  He is one of ours and we are very happy to have him in our breeding program.


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Max is a second generation line. He is a very sweet nature large male Bengal with beautiful inky black ringed rosettes.


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seal spotted lynx tabby

Snow Bear

Snow Bear is our Seal Spotted Lynx (Tabby) Point and Beautiful Blue eyes. He loves to sit on your shoulder and drool….very quiet nature. He is very watchful and elegant. When we breed him with our Lady Blue ( our female Seal Spotted Lynx Point ) we will have only Snows, all with the blue eyes. They are a very nice compliment to the brown spotted tabby.

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Big Guy

Big Guy has phenomenal rosettes, very intelligent and watchful he has and is producing some very beautiful bengal kittens.

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Spike bengal stud
Spike and Bear, buddies